Blemish removal

Heather will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific blemish needs.

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Blemishes that can be removed include

  • Telangiecstasia – superficial veins/thread veins
  • Spider naevi – spider veins
  • Campbell de Morgan spots – blood spots
  • Pedunculated papillomas – skin tags
  • Milia – whiteheads
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Blemish removal procedure

Heather uses fresh, sterile, disposable needles for each session. The needle delivers a short burst of diathermic current to each blemish. After the current is applied, the blemish generally disappears instantly. There may be some temporary blanching in the area but this will fade after a few days. In some cases it may take a few days for the full result of the procedure to be seen. A free consultation is required before all blemish removal procedures which in some cases may lead to a Doctor’s letter being requested

Customer gallery

Here are some photos from the client portfolio which give a good idea of the blemish, the site immediately after treatment and the site a few days later.

Thread vein removal

The client was unhappy with the time taken daily in camouflaging this nasal thread vein
Immediately after the procedure some slight blanching can be seen over the site. This blanching is temporary and normal.
The client attended for a further procedure and I was able to see the site after 10 days of healing. Client so happy!

Blood spot removal

This client felt that her facial blood spot was enormous and that she was failing to hide it. This picture is in zoom and the blood spot wasn’t huge but I knew she needed it gone!
Blanching in the centre of the blood spot is normal immediately after treatment and will fade over a few days.
2 weeks later and only very slight discolouration at the site to indicate a blemish had been there. The picture is on zoom so in real life you can hardly see any discolouration.

Skin tag removal

This client has lots of skin tags that I have been treating. This tag is around 8mm. His upper arm will look and feel far better with the tags removed.

After 10 days the site of the blemish shows only a small brown pigment which will fade further in time.